Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Little board book is here!

The little baptism book is now "in the House" at Augsburg Fortress Publishing! I was sent a sample a couple weeks ago and I'm happy with the end results. I grew to love this project, from the beautiful spare text that my friend Anne Ylvisaker wrote, to how the art looks on such sturdy pages. The book size (about 6 x 7) is so cute, too! "Small books for small hands", was Beatrix Potter's motto, and it fits.

Check it out in detail on the Augsburg Fortress site-


Jennifer Black Reinhardt said...

Beautiful, Claudia! Congratulations!!!

Claudia said...

And back to you on my Walter postcard yesterday! No empty praise here- I love your new concept...incubate it over your vacation.

Addy said...

Let me know when i can get this book! I need to get it for my godson! -Addy

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