Saturday, April 9, 2011


There's an elephant in my studio, and it's shaped like a book! I'm participating in a community wide art project developed right here by our City of Literature. These 5-foot high book sculptures (akin to the cows of Chicago and the Herkys of Iowa City) will be placed all over the area, celebrating literature in all forms. I'm honored to be creating one for the Coralville Public Library. The book's concept is "Discovering nature through picture books."

The book arrived in my studio a couple weeks ago. I've stenciled in the outline of the images, and now, Boyd Crosby, an area builder, and his team cut me a "window" (part of my design) that will provide an added dimenison to the piece! Here's the window being cut out. You can also see the tracings of the design. More updates later. Sculptures to be finished by late April.

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