Saturday, March 5, 2011

In like a lamb

March- oh, blustery birthday month. As wet snow hit the windshield, Lucy and I took a drive out to Fae Ridge Farms, a lovely organic farm outside of Iowa City, run by Jeanette with love and passion. She has all sorts of life stock out there- this was Lucy's first encounter with goats when she was about four (where upon seeing their horns, she asked me if they were antenea!) Jeanette sells things like luscious dyed wools and eggs and seasonal things like basil and flowers. She also crafts beautiful felted animals, like the little lamb in this post. Today Fae Ridge Farms hosted a book event celebrating my good friend Michelle's new title "A Knitter's Home Companion", a great collection of essays, recipes and philosophies on knitting. We came back and warmed up, enjoying the first of spring through our windows, with a cup of tea and a nice fire in the firplace.

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