Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mr.Toad lives under our porch

An American toad has taken up residence under our back door. He's a hardy guy, and hangs out under the Heuchera leaves. I have a cheesy ceramic decorative toad house in the same garden bed which Toad actually uses sometimes! I looked up his diet- worms mostly. So last night Lucy found a juicy earthworm and we located Toad and put the worm close to him. In no more than 5 seconds, he had oriented his body to the worm, gave it the "stink eye" and gobbled it up. The end of the worm- still sqirmming- dangled out of his mouth for a bit, thrilling Lucy! After singing "American Toad" to him a couple times (sung to the melody of "American Woman") we let him be. Nature at its finest. Right outside the back door.


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Liz said...

that is so cute. we have one living on our front porch...he must be there because of the insects that our porch lights attract each night.

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