Friday, April 9, 2010


We heard a thud from outside yesterday morning as we were getting breakfast. It turned out a Northern Flicker, a large woodpecker-like bird, had hit my studio window. It must have been instantly killed. We all felt so bad. He was a beautiful guy. We studied his feathers. I had never thought our windows were much of a threat to birds, but when I went online, indeed, birds fly into picture windows quite frequently. To help detour these injuries, several suggestions were offered. Placing stickers of hawk silhouettes can help, also suspending flashy things like old CDs or tin pans can keep birds away too. A little illustration today, in memorial.


Julia Kelly said...

I hate it when birds get killed in the windows- our woodpecker comes every spring and call all his girlfriends by rapping on the metal exhaust pipes on the roof! lovely illustration.

Sascha said...

really nice

Moose said...

Flickers....a true sign of spring here! We use the black stickers of hawks on our french doors and they do work.
Tail Wags,

Claudia said...

Thank you for your comments everyone. Moose, did you get those stickers online?

Dan said...

I love that illo!

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