Wednesday, October 21, 2009

One of my favorite children's book authors is English-born Katherine Hale. She wrote and illustrated a number of books in the 1950's/60's about Orlando, the marmalade cat. Quirky stories and gorgeous illustrations, Orlando had all sorts of adventures with his family. He always wore a wristwatch on his tail. I was fascinated with the photo of Hale on the jacket cover, pictured with her "real" Orlando perched on her lap as she drew. Now have my own studio, and one of the great perks is having our cats around for company. One of them, Fauve, has been a shoulder-sitter since she was a kitten. Lots of times, this is how I work, with a cat draped around my head!

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toritoritori said...

Hey Claudia!

It's Tori Klein, we met this weekend at the SCBWI conference (I was wearing the funky shoes ^_^).

I just wanted to contact you about the reading project. My email address is
I'd love it if you could shoot me and email, and I can send you more information about the project!

It was nice meeting you!

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